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FuJi International (Hong Kong)co. was established in 2006, so far 11 years of history. It is operated by a professional mangement team specialized in scientific research ,safe production ,quality control and sales operation .

Main Products from the Company include adhesive, lubricating oil, tape, diluent, etc. Then we are agent of many world-famous brands , such as 3M, Cemedine, Dow Corning, Araldite, Konishi, Loctite …Almost Covering every kind Glue products and related production equiment that you can imagine…… View More

Main Products

HOT Products

  • Japan CEMEDINE hardened CA-186 metal ceramics then agent 5 dry AB glue

    Brand: CEMEDINE
    Model: the CA – 186
    Specification: 80 g
    Origin: Japan
    Shelf life :12 months
    Composition: two components
    Characteristics: heat resistance, water resistance
    Application: metal, ceramic, plastic, etc

  • 3M DP460NS Grey two component epoxy glue Metal plastic adhesive AB structure adhesive

    Brand: 3 m
    Model: DP460NS
    Color: off-white
    Origin: USA
    Specification: 50 ml
    Curing mode: room temperature curing characteristics: high temperature resistance, impact resistance
    Application: metal, plastic, wood, etc

  • 3M DP420NS Metal plastic black high temperature resistant epoxy ab structural glue sealing adhesive

    Brand: 3 m
    Model: DP420NS
    Name: epoxy structural adhesive
    Specification: 50 ml
    Color: Black
    Curing time: full solid 24 hours
    Application: suitable for metal, rubber, plastic and so on
    Features: high strength, wear resistance, fast curing

  • 3M DP270 black potting glue two-component non-corrosive epoxy AB structural adhesive

    Brand: 3 m
    Model: DP270
    Specification: 48.5 ML
    Origin: USA
    Shelf life :12 months
    Color: Black
    Properties: non-corrosive, low viscosity
    Applications: electronic products and electrical components

  • 3M DP8005 Acrylic AB glue Welding structural adhesive glass low surface material PP bonding glue

    DP8005 is a two-component adhesive, translucent after solidification, the ratio is 10:1.
    It is a fast curing adhesive that adheres to low surface energy polyolefin materials (meaning better for plastic types) without surface treatment. Excellent environmental tolerance, excellent aging resistance. Operating time at 24C :2.5-3 minutes. Operating strength can be reached in 2-3 hours. Mechanical construction products, with strong adhesion.
    It is mainly used for the bonding of refractory materials, especially nylon, polypropylene, polyethylene and other refractory plastics. Such as nylon, PP and so on.

  • KONISHI SL220LB single component room temperature curing elastic adhesive epoxy glue

    Low viscosity.
    Hardening rapidly.
    No tin compound was used.
    One-component room temperature curable elastic adhesive.
    Six substances (cadmium, lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium and its compounds, PBB and PBDE) specified by RoHS are not used.
    Polysiloxane-free: It does not contain low molecular cyclic polysiloxane which causes contact barrier.
    It can also be used for filling bonding (internal hardening takes time).
    Because it is an elastomer, it has little deformation to the bonding parts and strong cold and hot shock resistance

  • The genuine Simon Sze 366E joint sealer, a high performance adhesive for the Glue Industry

    Application: It is used to fill the gap between the front and rear windshield and the edge of the car body. The gap between glass and rubber and between rubber and steel plate can be filled. Also suitable for dry wood, canvas, leather, cardboard, blankets, washing machines, cold and soft air-conditioning and other industrial equipment products and door frame edge buffer rubber adhesive, suitable for the adhesion of dry interior decoration materials synthetic rubber adhesive. [ notes ]366E contains hazardous ingredients toluene and N-hexane, 366FE contains hazardous ingredients toluene.

    1. Highly flammable liquids and Vapors

    2. Harmful if swallowed

    3. Causes mild skin irritation, severe eye irritation long-term or repeated exposure may cause injury to organs if ingested and harmful to the respiratory tract harmful to aquatic organisms keep away from ignition sources, no Smoking 2. Keep container in well ventilated place 3. Close Container 4. Wear appropriate protective clothing, gloves, eye/face protectors 5. If contact with eyes, wash immediately with a large amount of water and seek medical attention. Do not induce vomiting. 8. Avoid release into the environment, according to the use of materials, different environment and measured data error code.

  • Bostik Never Seez NSBT-16N Pure Nickel Special 1 lb. Brush Top Can

    Bostik nickel thread lubricant
    Pure nickel grade lubricant is a high-performance, copper free, high-temperature, extremely high-pressure anti seize compound. It is composed of special grease as carrier, pure nickel, graphite and other additives. Temperature resistance up to 1300 ℃. High resistance to corrosive acid and caustic soda solutions.

  • Nye fluorocarbon gel 868 anti rust agent fluorocarbon gel grease



    Rust Inhibited

    A PTFE thickened, medium viscosity, synthetic hydrocarbon grease intended for automotive and industrial controls which require a light tack and minimal change in damping characteristics with temperature.

      Lubricant Properties Typical Value Test Method
    Recommended Service Range (°C)   -40 to 125  
    Thickener     PTFE  
    Base Oil Type   Polyalphaolefin  
      Kinematic Viscosity -40° C > 1000000 cSt ASTM D-445
        40°C 5548 cSt  
        100°C 525 cSt  
      Viscosity Index   280 ASTM D-2270
      Flash Point °C >200 ASTM D-92
      Pour Point °C -30 ASTM D-97
      Typical Properties of the Grease   Typical Value Test Method
    Color, Appearance     White  
    Penetration NLGI Grade   2 ASTM D-217
    (1/10 mm) Worked 60X 277 ASTM D-217
      Un worked   293 ASTM D-217
    Density   25° C 1.16 g/cm3 NYE CTM
    Oil Separation 24 hour(s) 100°C 0 FTM 791,

    Method 321.2

    Evaporation 24 hour(s) 100°C 0.2  


  • Genuine Nye lubricants 570h-10 bearing grease film lubricating oil dryness

    Properties liquid.
    Form liquid semi-solid
    Colorless color
    Slightly scented
    No data on pH value.
    Melting point / freezing point no data available.
    Product Name: nyetact 570h-10
    Boiling point, initial boiling point and boiling range are not available.
    Flash point > 300.0 ° C (> 572.0 ° f) ASTM d-92
    Lower limit of combustion (%) no data available.
    Upper limit of combustion (%) no data available.
    Lower explosive limit (%) no data available.
    Upper explosion limit (%) no data available.
    Estimation of vapor pressure 2.39 HPA
    Vapor density 11.7 (solvent)
    The relative density is not available.
    Density 1.70 g / C ㎡
    1.70 g/c㎡

    Solubility (water) no data available.
    Partition coefficient (octanol / water) no data available.
    No data on spontaneous combustion temperature.
    No data on decomposition temperature.
    Other data
    Kinematic viscosity 500 CST
    Kinematic viscosity (40 ° f)
    Pour point – 28’c (- 18.4 ° f)
    The shelf life is 4 years

  • DELO-DUALBOND RE3440 UV- heatcuring adhesive

    – dual-curing modified polycarbaminacid derivative
    – one-component, solvent-free, UV- heatcuring

    – especially for a fast fixing of components an curing at low temperatures
    – the cured product is normally used in a temperature range of -40 °C to +130 °C; depending on
    the application, other limits may be more reasonable
    – compliant with RoHS directive 2015/863/EU
    – halogen-free by the criteria of IEC 61249-2-21

    – the adhesive is supplied ready for use; in case refrigerated storage, it must be ensured that the
    container is conditioned to room temperature before use
    – the containers are conditioned at room temperature (max. +25 °C); the conditioning time is
    approx. 0.5 h for containers up to 10 ml, 1 h for containers up to 50 ml, 2 h for containers up to
    160 ml, 5 h for containers up to 600 ml; additional heat addition is not allowed
    – the surfaces to be bonded must be dry as well as free of dust, grease an other contaminations
    – dispensing valves and product-bearing elements must be carefully cleaned directly after
    adhesive use
    – adequate cleaners are acetone and BDGA (butyldiglykolacetate); for BDGA use acetone as a
    chaser, do not use alcoholic or hydrous cleaners


  • Nippon mineral oil NPC i-164 No.2 is a grease with excellent electrical insulation

    Lubrication of optical machines such as precision machines and cameras
    Lubrication of automobile parts, electrical parts, plastic parts, etc
    Transaction machine, OA machine, etc