• Huitian ht901 sealant is a medium viscosity room temperature curing one component ketone free silicone adhesive sealant.

    1. clean the surface: ht901 sealant will clean the surface of the sealed object and get out rust, dust and oil pollution.
    2. sizing: screw off the rubber pipe cap, squeeze the glue liquid onto the cleaned surface, so that it can flow smoothly naturally.
    3. curing: as for the parts sealed by lowering pipe, when the skin is formed, it is the solidification process from the surface to the interior. Ht901 sealant will be cured for 2-4mm in 24 hours (room temperature and 55% relative humidity). With the time increasing, the curing depth gradually increases, and the full curing of 6mm thick potting adhesive takes more than 7 days