Silicone adhesive

  • ShinEtsu KR-400 Organic Silicone

    product characteristics
    The KR-400 silicone resin is a demethoxylated methyl type silicone coating agent containing a curing catalyst. At room temperature, about 1 hour can be dry, can be cured for several hours, with excellent weather resistance, rust, water, water, adhesion, chemical resistance
    Character, heat resistance, the formation of relatively hard surface film.

  • SONY white glue adhesive sealant SC608Z2

    An excellent electrical insulator.
    Highly viscous and thixotropic, the product can be easily applied to a vertical surface without threading that may lead to an untidy appearance.
    SC608LVZ2 is identical to SC608Z2 except for a lower viscosity.

  • threebond1530silicone material