aron alpha 501F Instant Dry Glue AA Super Glue Low whitening low odor Industrial instant glue

aron alpha 501F Instant Dry Glue AA Super Glue Low whitening low odor Industrial instant glue

Product advantage

Without mixing, it can quickly bond a variety of materials at room temperature. The adhesive force is very strong, and a small amount can instantly bond a large area. Medium concentration, suitable for adhesive rubber and plastic, adhesive metal also has good performance.

Different from other fast adhesives on the market, the stock solution of Alon Fa AA super adhesive is imported from Japan, and the quality is strictly suppressed to ensure the high purity of the adhesive and ensure stable performance.

Alon Fa AA Super adhesive attaches great importance to the safety of the product, the adhesive liquid does not contain toxicity, the container and desiccant are made of harmless substances, and the opening meter is also safe design that will not fall off.

Alon Fa AA super adhesive for plastic bottle packaging, compared with other metal tube packaging will be easier to control the amount of adhesive drops, to achieve good bonding effect.

Alon hair super glue itself transparent, so that the appearance of the adhesive objects beautiful. Drug resistance, heat resistance, good water resistance, can ensure lasting adhesion.

Exclusive patent design sealed container, built-in moisture-proof agent, can be stored for a long time, to ensure that after opening multiple use will not harden.

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Instructions for use

1. Clean the surface first, remove the dust, oil and rust on the surface, and then on the metal, it is best to grind first.

2. Open the front cover and gently button the tip with your fingers so that no residual liquid is left, and then cut out holes with scissors.

3. Drop a small drop of adhesive on the surface of being followed, immediately follow, and maintain until hardening, then the area should not be too large, then the thickness of the layer should not exceed 0.2mm.

4. Wipe the container and cover it after use. Store in a cool dry place or refrigerate.

Matters needing attention

1. Stimulate the eyes and instantly adhere to the skin.

2. With cyanoacrylate inside, avoid touching eyes, mouth, fingers and skin. If a drop enters the eye, wash the eye with water for 15 minutes and consult a doctor.

3 If sticking to the skin, do not forcibly peel, soak in warm water or use acetone based nail polish remover cleaning, and then carefully separate the glued skin.

4. Keep out of reach of children.