CEMEDINE EP-106NL Electronic sealing yellow glue elastic epoxy resin adhesive

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Model: CEMEDINE Hard EP-106NL

Specification: 1kg/ can

Storage environment: room temperature, indoor

1, bonding principle: and the moisture in the air reaction to produce bonding.

2, single group, solvent-free curing at room temperature: single group curing at room temperature features to achieve simple operation, do not use solvents to achieve environmental protection and operation safety.

3, wide adhesion: basically can be bonded with all materials, is a widely used glue.

4. Durability: With the inherent toughness and softness of elastic adhesive, it can change with the thermal expansion and contraction of the adhesive material. It has good durability in low temperature environment from -60℃ to high temperature environment of 120℃.