CEMEDINE hardened 110 automobile motorcycle brake pad yellow glue electronic sensor special glue

CEMEDINE hardened 110 automobile motorcycle brake pad yellow glue electronic sensor special glue

Model: 110
Specification: 1 kg
Origin: Taiwan
Shelf life :6 months
Curing method: room temperature curing
Features: impact resistance, water resistance and oil resistance
Application: motor brake pads, etc

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CEMEDINE Apply hard 110 glue

1. Apply sensitivity to hard 110 brake pad special glue, brake pad for cars, motorcycles, electronic scale sensor special glue.

2. High bonding strength and oxidation resistance at high temperature.

3. Strong impact resistance, bending, vibration, can be repeated resistance and load resistance, bonding strength reduced strength is small.

4. Good fluidity and fast drying.

5. Strong resistance to water, oil, solvents, drugs and other properties.

Shi Min hard 110 uses:

Motor vehicles, motorcycles, vehicles, construction machinery, brake lining and gate lining bonding, heat resistant metal and ceramics bonding

Properties: Low viscosity

Appearance: light brown low viscosity liquid

Viscosity (mPas / 23 ℃) : 220

Non-volatile component :53% Density :1.00

Hardening condition: room temperature 3 hours capacity specification :1kg

Application features

1, suitable for such as brake lining, which requires high shear strength at high temperature.

2, it can be used as a heat resistant coating for metal, glass, pottery products, to increase the heat insulation.

3. It is a mixture of phenolic resin and thermorigid resin. It has excellent heat resistance and maintains strong adhesive force within -20 to 300. Although the solid composition is quite high, the low viscosity is easy to form films.

Application methods

Brush it on or spray it with a spray gun on the two contact surfaces, the solution will completely dissolve and evaporate, after 1-3 hours of drying, the two surfaces (the next surface) stick to each other, and become firm through heat and pressure in the furnace.