Cemedine Super-X 777 NEO 170G silicone sealant

Cemedine Super-X 777 NEO 170G silicone sealant

Ecological Information:

Ecotoxicity Acuatic toxicity

Crustacea(Daphnia magna) EC50 > 5600mg/L/24hr (IUCLID, 2000) Water solubility

none (ICSC, 1995)

No Persistence and degradability data available No Bioaccumulative potential data available No Mobility in soil data available

Ozone depleting chemical data not available

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1.Exposure Controls/Personal Protection

Control parameters e.g. occupational exposure limit values or biological limit values Adopted value

2.Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical properties Appearance :paste Color :black

3.Stability and Reactivity

This product is considered a stable material under normal condition.

4.Toxicological Information

Symptoms related to the physical, chemical and toxicological characteristics No Acute toxicity data available

No Irritant properties data available

No Allergenic and sensitizing effects data available No Mutagenic effects data available

No Teratogenic effects data available Carcinogenic effects

IARC-Gr.2B ; Possibly carcinogenic to humans.

ACGIH-A3(2010) : Confirmed Animal Carcinogen with Unknown Relevance to Humans

No Toxicity for reproduction data available

No Delayed/chronic effects from short/long-term exposure data available No Aspiration hazard data available


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