Dow Corning OS-30 Insulating adhesive thinner OS30 Volatile methylsiloxane cleaner

Dow Corning OS-30 Insulating adhesive thinner OS30 Volatile methylsiloxane cleaner

Cleaning with Dow Corning OS liquid is a simple process of immersing the part to be cleaned in a strongly agitated cleaning agent or spraying the liquid on the part. The dirt is removed from the surface by the action of a liquid. Lightly contaminated parts can be scrubbed with Dow Corning OS liquid dipping. Dow Corning OS liquid is compatible with many materials and does not damage most substrates, including most plastics and fine coatings. Its mild cleaning properties make it suitable for cleaning a wide variety of material parts and equipment. However, it is recommended that you will need clean surfaces compared to dow Corning OS liquid for compatibility.

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Product color colorless

Surface tension 17.3mN/m

Freezing point — 68 degrees Celsius

Product specification 15/KG

Warranty period is 5 years

Product features smelly
Oxygen; Ozone-free/Smog-free/clear or colorless/odorless/compatible with most plastics and surface coatings/low toxicity/low surface tension/evaporates at room temperature/Surfaces cleaned with these liquids can subsequently be colored or coated/High purity: residual non-volatile ingredients less than 1ppm

The product application
Rinse the parts after cleaning with a strong cleaner. After dry spots without residue or/used in the cleaning industry of optical glass lenses and spray/some can’t use strong solvents used for impregnation wipe agent/in some industrial applications as an alternative in organic solvent carrier/commercial product formula instead of hydrocarbon solvents/silicone oil or grease or carrier/before coating or adhesive used to clean the surface of the pollution