Emerson&Cuming Eccobond G-500

Emerson&Cuming Eccobond G-500

Emerson&Cuming G500 is a single component, heat curing, gray general-purpose epoxy adhesive and sealant. It is pasty, good resistance to collapse and long storage at room temperature. G500 has excellent surface brightness, excellent heat resistance, water resistance and superior dielectric properties after curing. Applications:G500 is mainly used for insulation bonding of copper and other metal and hard plastic.  Can also be used to do the coil thread fixed bonding and so on.

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Ingredients: epoxy resin
Appearance: grey
Shear / tensile strength Mpa:17.1 Mpa
Active use period minimum: 180 seconds
Operating temperature C: 180°C
Shelf life: 4 months
Curing conditions: 125 * 60min, 150 * 20min, 175 * 5min.
Characteristics: single component, not vertical flow, high temperature resistant
Main applications: inductors, transformers
Packing: 5.22kg / barrel

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