Henkel LOCTITE UV3523 UV-cured UV adhesive metallic glass sealant for impact resistance

Henkel LOCTITE UV3523 UV-cured UV adhesive metallic glass sealant for impact resistance

Product Description: Loctite UV3523 has the following product features:

Technique: Acrylic acid chemical type modified acrylate

Appearance (not cured) : Clear, light to dark amber liquid LMS

Composition: One component – no mixing viscosity required

Medium curing method: ultraviolet secondary curing anaerobic curing with activator curing

Advantages: Production – Fast curing

Application: Bonding

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Loctite uv3523 can be cured under 365nm ultraviolet light. Radiation of 220 to 260nm is also required in order for the surface exposed to air to be fully cured. The curing speed and final curing depth depend on the UV intensity, the spectral distribution of the light source, the exposure time, and the transmittance of the base. Debonding time Debonding time refers to the time required for the product to form the debonding working surface under the light. Debonding time, ASTM C679, seconds: High Pressure Hg Arc: 100 mW/cm², standard @365 nm ≤20LMS

1. The product is photosensitive. During storage and operation, keep away from sunlight, ultraviolet light and artificial light sources as far as possible. 2. The product should be dispensed with a dispensing device with a black feed tube. For best results, the surface of the bonded material should be clean and free of grease. 4. The curing speed depends on the intensity of the light source, the distance from the light source, the curing depth, the bonding gap, and the transmittibility of the material. 5. For temperature-sensitive bases, such as thermoplastics, cooling is required. Crystalline and semi-crystalline thermoplastics should be checked for the possibility of stress cracking when in contact with liquid glue. 7. Excess uncured adhesives can be wiped off by organic solvents (e.g. Acetone). 8. The adhesive should be cooled before being subjected to any load

Loctite uv3523 is used for bonding, sealing or coating metal and glass components in industrial applications. The product is suitable for strengthening of printed circuit boards and bonding of various materials. The cured product has excellent flexibility and strength, which gives it a high degree of shock resistance and impact resistance.