Japan ThreeBond1101 solvent-free glue

Japan ThreeBond1101 solvent-free glue

TB1101 related technical parameters:

● Color: red viscous liquid

● Main ingredients: modified alkyd resin

● Viscosity: 6.9Pa·s

● specific gravity (25℃) : 1.33

● Non-volatile component: 79%

● Dry state: dry

● Dilution solution: 2801 solvent

● Filling: ordinary

● Disassembly: difficult

● Operating temperature: -40~150℃

● Specification: 200g, 1kg

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Product Introduction:

TB1101 and solid gasket, liquid gasket based on a completely different concept and leakage prevention principle, just before assembly of the liquid coated on the machine flange and other parts that need to be connected and sealed, can achieve the purpose of leakage prevention, and can improve the leakage prevention performance, prolong its life and reduce costs.

TB1101 main features and uses:
Low solvent

● Good gasoline resistance.

● Good water and oil resistance