KLUBER 71-152CN Bearing grease

KLUBER 71-152CN Bearing grease

Applicable to rolling bearings such as spherical bearings, tapered stick bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, or long-term lubrication of deep groove ball bearings. Such as papermaking machinery, electric motors, drying ovens, wind power generators and clutch bearings, generator bearings, pump bearings, etc., KLUBER 71-152CN is based on synthetic hydrocarbon oil, mineral oil and a special lithium soap. Special additives ensure optimum oxidation resistance and prevent wear and corrosion.

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KLUBER 71-152CN is a special grease that many extreme demands can be met, and it is especially suitable for long term lubrication and lifetime lubrication. Excellent anti-wear protection, good resistance to high temperature (up to 140 degrees), excellent water resistance, good anti-corrosion protection, excellent anti-aging properties. Particularly suitable for long-term and life-lubricated rolling bearings, such as textile machinery (wet part) textile machines (upper and lower rolls) papermaking machinery (wet parts) motors, blower pumps or auto parts.
Use temperature: -35 ℃ ~ 140 ℃.


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