LO-TECH 7102 Epoxy resin GLUE

LO-TECH 7102 Epoxy resin GLUE

To be potted products need to keep dry, clean; use check the A agent, observe whether there is settlement, and A agent to stir evenly; according to the ratio of the amount, and weighing accurate, please remember that the ratio is the weight ratio Non-volume ratio, A, B mixture after the need to fully stir evenly to avoid curing is not complete; stir even after the timely filling, and as far as possible in the use of time to use fully mixed glue; Gradually penetrate into the product gap, if necessary, please carry out the second filling; curing process, please keep the environment clean, so that impurities or dust into the uncured glue surface.

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This product is environmentally friendly epoxy resin potting, low viscosity, good mobility, easy to penetrate into the product gap; can be room temperature or moderate temperature curing, curing speed is moderate; no bubbles after curing, the surface smooth, shiny, high hardness ; Cured acid and alkali resistance, moisture-proof waterproof and anti-oil dust-proof performance, resistance to heat and atmospheric aging; curing material has a good insulation, compression, bonding strength and so on electrical and physical properties.
Scope of application:
Applications: Transformers, AC capacitors, high pressure packs, negative ion generators, aquarium pumps, ignition coils, power modules, electronic controls, and other types of products, which are widely used in transformers, AC capacitors, Electronic components of the potting; does not apply to flexible or soft shell products potting.

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