LOCTITE EA9466 epoxy resin AB adhesive Cold and heat resistant ceramic adhesive multi-purpose adhesive

LOCTITE EA9466 epoxy resin AB adhesive Cold and heat resistant ceramic adhesive multi-purpose adhesive

Product Description:

LOCTITE EA 9466 is a toughened industrial grade epoxy adhesive with a long service life. After mixing, the two components of the epoxy resin cure at room temperature to form a tough off-white adhesive line that provides high peel resistance and shear strength. Fully cured cyclic hydrogen resins are resistant to various chemicals and solvents and act as excellent electrical insulators. The LOCTITE EA 9466 offers excellent bonding strength for a wide range of plastics and metals. Typical applications include general industrial applications that require extended working life to adjust parts during assembly.

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Steps to get a good bonding effect:

1. In order to obtain good performance, the surface of the parts should be clean and free of grease.

2. For high strength structural binding, remove surface contaminants such as paint, oxide film, oil, dust, release agent and all other surface contaminants.

3. Double cartridge: To use, just insert the cartridge into the spraying gun and apply very little pressure on the trigger to start the plunger into the cartridge. Next, remove the cartridge lid and drain a small amount of glue to ensure that both sides flow evenly and freely. If you need to automatically mix the resin and hardener, attach the mixing nozzle to the end of the barrel and begin dispensing the adhesive. For manual mixing, drain the required amount of adhesive and mix thoroughly. Once you have an even color, blend for about 15 seconds. Bulk containers: Mix thoroughly by weight or volume in the proportions specified in the product instructions section. About 15 seconds after achieving an even color, mix vigorously.

4. Do not mix more than 4kg of materials, otherwise it may accumulate too much heat. Mixing a small amount minimizes heat buildup.

5. Apply adhesive to a surface to be joined as soon as possible after mixing. For maximum bonding strength, the adhesive is evenly applied to both surfaces. Assemble the parts immediately after applying the mixture.

6. Do not move the assembled parts during the curing process. The adhesive shall be allowed to cure for 24 hours before being subjected to any service load.

7. Use an organic solvent (e.g. Acetone) to wipe away excess uncured adhesive.

8. After use, use hot soapy water to clean mixing and dispensing equipment before the adhesive hardens.