Loctite Series E-90FL, Epoxy Adhesive, Dual-Cartridge, 1.69 oz, Gray, 90 min Work Life

Loctite Series E-90FL, Epoxy Adhesive, Dual-Cartridge, 1.69 oz, Gray, 90 min Work Life

  • Technical parameters of Loctite E-90FL:

    Model number: loctite E-90FL

    Color: Gray;

    Viscosity @25°C, mPa.s(cP) 62000-81000;

    Applicable time: 90 minutes;

    Volume mixing ratio (resin: stearic agent) : 1:1;

    Peel strength (piw) : 5-40;

    Shear strength (psi*) : 1000-3000;

    Glass conversion temperature (℃) : -5

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Loctite E-90FL epoxy resin glue product introduction:

Chemical type (resin) : epoxy

Chemical type (curing agent) : polyamide

Appearance (resin) : off-white liquid

Appearance (curing agent) : dark grey liquid

Appearance (after mixing) : Grey paste

Composition: Two component – need to mix

Mixing by volume (resin: curing agent) : 1:1

Mix by weight (resin: curing agent) : 100:85

Application scope of Loctite E-90FL:

1.loctite E-90FL Epoxy AB adhesive, Henkel E-90FL is a medium viscosity, strong industrial grade epoxy resin adhesive with extended service life.

2. Once the two components are mixed, the epoxy will cure at room temperature into a gray adhesive layer with low shrinkage and excellent peeling strength.

3. When fully cured, epoxy resin is resistant to most chemicals and solvents, making it an excellent electrical insulator.

Packaging specifications: 50ml/ piece;

Typical use of Loctite E-90FL:

1. Suitable for bonding plastic, metal, glass, wood, ceramic, rubber and masonry building materials on occasions requiring excellent flexibility.

2. Suitable for bonding of different materials with low stress and high impact.

3. It can also be used to repair strain gauges, seal joints on fiberglass components, repair printed circuit boards, glue inert stainless steel and attach rubber pipes to steel pipes.

4. The extended service life of the product in the assembly process allows more time for the parts to adjust.