Metaflux 70-37 rust safety anti rust lubricant oil spray

Metaflux 70-37 rust safety anti rust lubricant oil spray

Use range

1. Automobile manufacturing (maintenance of cars, trucks and other fuselages)

2. Construction (repair of steel structure), maintenance of ships and railways.


1. Before use, shake the tank sufficiently

2. Before spraying, remove the surface of the material oil or grease. First rusty rust, rust to remove

3. Spraying distance of at least 25cm (10 inches) or more 8.53 / 30

4. To prevent aging, the coating surface should be re-painted


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Pass DIN 50021, salt spray test for 600 hours without rust.

Extremely strong adhesion, including adhesion on the rust surface

Quick-drying, dry at 20 ° C in normal humidity for 10 minutes

The coating does not affect welding after drying

Further coating on its surface

Good acid and alkali resistance


Does not contain HCFCs

product manual

Metaflux 70-37 is a rust-proof primer (spray packaging), also known as rust primer, can be directly coated with a certain corrosion of steel, so that rust passivation, and thus become a protective rusty rust Layer, to achieve the role of rust protection. It can solve the problems of sandblasting, artificial rust, pickling and rusting, such as large labor intensity, poor construction conditions, poor health, low efficiency, high cost, no guarantee of dust, dust, noise, environmental pollution, Saving manpower and material resources, improve work efficiency.

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