Nolato Series 1110 Solid Silicone Rubber Sheets

Nolato Series 1110 Solid Silicone Rubber Sheets

These sheets are manufactured to ZZ-R-765, AA59588, applicable MIL, AMS and SAE standards.
Commercial grades are available in durometers
from 10 to 85. Thicker sheets (2″ and more)
are available special order. Many sizes and
specifications in stock for immediate delivery.

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Hardness Range: 10 Durometer Shore A to 85
Normal Available Color: Red/Orange
Additional Colors on Request: Grey, Translucent, White, Black, Blue, Brown

AMS 3301 AMS 3326 Mil-R-5847
AMS 3302 AMS 3327 Mil-R-25988
AMS 3303 AMS 3345 Mil-R-83248
AMS 3304 AMS 3346 Mil-STD-417
AMS 3315 AMS 3347 ZZ-R-765 E/A-A-59588
AMS 3320 AMS 3356 A STM D 2000-FK
AMS 3325 AMS 3357 A STM D 2000- GE
ASTM D 2000-FC ASTM D 2000-FE ASTM D 2000-HK


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