Nolato Series 1120 Silicone Sponge Rubber Sheets

Nolato Series 1120 Silicone Sponge Rubber Sheets

Both silicone rubber solid and silicone rubber
sponge products (with either a coating of silicone
based pressure sensitive adhesive backing, for
maximum temperature advantage, or an acrylic
based pressure sensitive adhesive) provide the
greatest tack capability.

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Nolato Jabar’s silicone rubber tape in both solid
and sponge (with or without pressure sensitive
adhesive) is manufactured in thicknesses from
1/32 thru 1/2 in. and is slit to the requested width.
Sizes shown are the most popular. Custom widths
are available.

Silicone sheet material (both rubber and sponge)
and strip materials—as well as fabricated gaskets
and extrusions—can be supplied with a pressure
sensitive adhesive backing protected by release
paper. Adhesive on both sides is also available


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