pattex cg80

pattex cg80

Construction temperature should be +7 ℃ to +35 ℃.
This product does not need to add water.
Do not mix this product with other materials or additives.
Cold area or low temperature conditions, please note that the product of antifreeze storage.
This product contains cement, water will produce alkaline reaction, so please protect the skin and eyes,
In case of contact please wash with water; in case of eye contact please seek medical attention.

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Suitable for tile paste and wall scraping;
High bonding strength;
Applicability is strong;
Excellent construction;
Lasting effect;
Henkel is concentrated in general construction glue, is the traditional building glue upgrade products, no stimulation of taste harmless, can significantly improve the cement mortar, wall scratching material flexibility and resistance to deformation, and enhance the bonding strength and construction performance , To ensure the construction quality.
Tile paste mortar: Significantly improve the water retention and resistance to deformation of mortar, significantly improve the construction of cement mortar easy to extend the tiles to adjust the time to improve the flexibility of cement mortar and enhance the adhesion to ensure that the cement mortar suitable for thick coating method Insulate ceramic walls and tiles on the base of inorganic mineral materials.
The wall can be added to the wall scraping material talcum powder, gypsum powder, putty powder, enhance the adhesion of materials to improve the smoothness of construction, to prevent cracking, from the powder, to ensure that the scratch layer firmly The

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