Pattex PXT4S Universal glue

Pattex PXT4S Universal glue

Product Usage:
Applicable scope: plastic, wood, rubber, leather, wool, pine, hard PVC and metal bonding, wrapping and inlaid curved surface decorative panels, the combination of various types of fine wood products, etc., especially for The bronzing plate of the bronzing machine is bonded to the steel plate.

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1. Waterproof, heat-resistant, anti-acid and alkali, high temperature of 120 ℃, no deformation, no softening.
2. Strong strong viscous, high initial viscosity, high bonding strength.
3. The glue layer is flexible, the elasticity is good, the impact resistance and the anti-vibration performance are excellent.
4. Excellent chemical resistance and aging resistance.
5. Open a long time, suitable for large area construction.
6.Green environmental protection,The formula contains no three benzene harmful substances.

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