SANKOL CFD-409H Volatile Oil Dry skin film coating lubricant

SANKOL CFD-409H Volatile Oil Dry skin film coating lubricant

Product name :SANKOL CFD-409H
Specification: 1 kg
Origin: Japan
Shelf life :12 months
Product features: noise elimination, high and low temperature resistance
Curing method: room temperature curing
Application: suitable for electronic and optical equipment and other precision mechanical parts.

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Product Introduction:

Fd-409h Dry lubricant/quick-drying skin film lubricant of SANKOL Kishioto Industry in Japan is a dry skin film lubricant prepared by mixing perfluorinated polyether oil and ultra-low molecular weight polytetrafluoron particles with heat and corrosion resistance additives. This quick-drying lubricant forms a uniform lubrication film on the surface of the workpiece after drying. It has the characteristics of high cleanliness, low torque lubrication, noise cancellation, anti-static, no falling oil, and solves the diffusion and pollution problems of traditional oil-based lubricants. Non-toxic, tasteless, no stimulation.

Performance characteristics:

1. Non-sticky dry lubrication film is formed after volatilization, no oil stains and dew, no pollution of products;

2. Increase the smoothness of the parts, prevent static electricity and dust, and protect the parts clean;

3. Environmental protection without harmful substances, safe to use, drainage, moistureproof, protect metal from rust;

4. High and low temperature resistance, wide temperature range, uniform film thickness, short drying time;

5. Protect all plastic and rubber surfaces, good compatibility with metal, plastic and elastic colloid.

Recommended applications:

1. Suitable for plastic and plastic, plastic and metal, and rubber parts, play its lubrication, moisture, rust, anti-static, anti-dust effect;

2. Widely used in audio-visual and optical equipment and other products need clean lubrication of precision parts, such as CD-ROM disk bin slide, camera, digital camera, optical instrument telescopic lens and internal mechanism lubrication.