SANKOL CFD-950 Dry lubricant

SANKOL CFD-950 Dry lubricant

1. After the formation of non-sticky volatile dry film, no oil stains, do not pollute the product;
2. Increase the parts of the finish, anti-static, dust, protective parts clean;
3. Environmental protection without harmful substances, the use of safety, drainage, moisture, metal protection is not corrosion;
4. High and low temperature performance, wide temperature range, uniform film thickness, short drying time;
5. Protection of all plastic and rubber surfaces, with metal, plastic and elastomer compatibility is good.

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1.For plastic and metal, and rubber parts, play its lubrication, moisture, rust, anti-static, dust effect.
2. Widely used in audio and video equipment and other products need clean and lubricated precision parts, such as CD-ROM discs slide, cameras, digital cameras, optical instruments telescopic lens and internal lubrication.
3.CFG-403Z, CFD-4010H, CFD-810Z, CFD-703,512, CFD-5003Z, CFD-230H, MEN-223R, FG-84M, FG-87H quick-drying lubricants are specially designed to reduce noise and It is designed to prevent the wear and tear of the gears and the contact parts. It has excellent stability to maintain the change from low temperature to high temperature, and can effectively prevent the adhesion and leakage of dust and friction powder.
4.Especially for CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and other audio equipment movement, audio and video products, office equipment. Non-toxic, clean, no fungi and no adverse effects on plastic parts, these are the basic requirements of the toy industry. SANKOL quick-drying lubricants not only meet the above requirements, the price is cheaper than synthetic oil and silicone oil.

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