Taiwan FUMIO A-1259F Dry Film lubricant Silencer noise reduction electronic digital lubricant

Taiwan FUMIO A-1259F Dry Film lubricant Silencer noise reduction electronic digital lubricant

[Brand] :FUMIO
[Model] :A-1259F
[Specification] :1KG
[Origin] : Taiwan
[Color] : Transparent
[Application] : camera, camera, telescopic lens of optical instruments, mobile phone shaft, memory card connector, vending machine internal dry and other wet lubrication is not suitable for plastic parts friction lubrication.

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Tomiao A-1259F dry skin film lubricant is A dry skin film lubricant prepared by non-combustible fluorine solvent mixed with low molecular weight polytetrafluoron particles, and adding heat resistance, corrosion resistance and other additives. This FAST DRYING LUBRICANT FORMS A LAYER OF UNIFORM LUBRICATION FILM ON THE surface OF THE workpiece after drying, with high cleaning, low torque lubrication, SILencing, anti-static, no oil characteristics, and to solve the traditional oil lubricants diffusion, pollution problems. Tasteless, no stimulation. Comply with the requirements of WEEE and RoHS. Applicable temperature range: -60 ~ +260℃.

Product Features:

1, it has good lubricity, can be used in a large range of -60℃ to 260℃;

2, with moderate moisture, the film will not peel;

3, will not erode resin, rubber, metal;

4, no combustion, low odor, high safety;

5, good for the earth’s environment.

Product Application:

1, vehicle equipment, optical equipment, office equipment, AV equipment, and other digital equipment lubrication;

2 Suitable for resin, metal lubrication. To prevent creaking noises caused by peristalsis.

Description: Used FOR special LUBRICATION between PLASTIC and PLASTIC, plastic and metal, metal and metal mechanism friction actuators. Main functions: Surface oil film lubrication, leather film gear silencing. Applicable products: camera, video camera, digital camera, optical disc player, printer, keyboard, clock movement, photocopier, scanner, audio, and other traditional lubricants are not suitable for use.

Recommended Applications:

Lubrication of audio-visual equipment, precision machinery and optical instruments.

Metal, plastic and rubber parts are lubricated by surface coatings.

Cd-rom, DVD-ROM movement and Tray.

Telescopic lens for camera, digital camera, optical instrument and internal mechanism lubrication.

Rotating shaft, sliding rail, memory card, connector, antenna, spring, vending machine internal lubrication.

Lubrication of plastic and metal surface of notebook computer, printer, copier, fax machine, projector and other office equipment.

U disk, MP3, MP4, PDA, PMP, PSP, DV consumer electronics, digital products waterproof, moisture-proof, dustproof, insulation.