The original 3M 2290 high peel low viscosity epoxy adhesive is used for bonding metal and metal coatings

The original 3M 2290 high peel low viscosity epoxy adhesive is used for bonding metal and metal coatings

Product features

1. It has extremely high shear and peel strength

2. Formulation of solvent-based low viscosity coating

3. Dry into non-adhesive film, allowing the bonding to proceed to B order and multi-order process after 3 months

4. Wetting is good during curing and only a single surface needs to be coated

5. Hot pressing is recommended for laminating purposes during curing

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3M™ Scotch-Weld™ 2290 Epoxy adhesive is a solvent-based, low viscosity amber thermosetting epoxy adhesive requiring heat cure. It is specialized in the bonding of metals and metal coatings: for example, in motor lamination and winding.

With extremely high shear and peel strength, 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ 2290 epoxy adhesives are specialized for coating and bonding metal substrates, including steel and aluminum. The epoxy is formulated with a very low viscosity (21% solid content). 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ 2290 epoxy adhesives can be applied in a variety of ways, including brush, flow, dip, roll, scratch, and spray. It is ideal for assembling metal laminates and coating metal cores, rotors and motors as well as coils. B coating and drying parts optional; Allow to cure completely after 3 months. Recommended use for motor stator and rotor assembly laminated steel reinforced in the manufacture of printed circuit, the copper foil adhesive to B order on epoxy resin coating, protection and utilization of the coil and electronic components such as used in the header of the thin metal folding cascading know epoxy adhesive epoxy adhesive are referred to as the “structure” in the adhesive, These also include polyurethane, acrylic acid, cyanoacrylate and other adhesives. One-component heat-curing epoxy resins are rigid adhesives with extremely high strength at high temperatures. These adhesives require heat curing, usually at 250°-350°F(120°-180 ° C) for 40 to 60 minutes to achieve high strength. These structural adhesives have high shear and peel strength (depending on formulation); It also has better heat resistance and chemical resistance than other common adhesives. Epoxy adhesives (often referred to as epoxy adhesives) are widely used in construction and residential construction, aircraft and automobile manufacturing, bicycles, boats, golf clubs, skiing, snowboard assembly, and a large number of household and other applications. They can be used almost anywhere where high strength bonding and environmental conditions are required. These adhesives are widely praised for their ease of use, mechanical strength, and chemical resistance. Epoxy formulations can be modulated to make the bond elastic or rigid, transparent or opaque, quick-setting or retarded. Epoxy adhesives are versatile and help to meet almost any requirement for bonding wood, metal, glass, stone, and various plastics.