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FuJi International (Hong Kong)co. was established in 2006, so far 11 years of history. It is operated by a professional mangement team specialized in scientific research ,safe production ,quality control and sales operation .

Main Products from the Company include adhesive, lubricating oil, tape, diluent, etc. Then we are agent of many world-famous brands , such as 3M, Cemedine, Dow Corning, Araldite, Konishi, Loctite …Almost Covering every kind Glue products and related production equiment that you can imagine…… View More

HOT Products

  • Bostik Never Seez NSBT-16N Pure Nickel Special 1 lb. Brush Top Can

    Bostik nickel thread lubricant
    Pure nickel grade lubricant is a high-performance, copper free, high-temperature, extremely high-pressure anti seize compound. It is composed of special grease as carrier, pure nickel, graphite and other additives. Temperature resistance up to 1300 ℃. High resistance to corrosive acid and caustic soda solutions.

  • Nye fluorocarbon gel 868 anti rust agent fluorocarbon gel grease



    Rust Inhibited

    A PTFE thickened, medium viscosity, synthetic hydrocarbon grease intended for automotive and industrial controls which require a light tack and minimal change in damping characteristics with temperature.

      Lubricant Properties Typical Value Test Method
    Recommended Service Range (°C)   -40 to 125  
    Thickener     PTFE  
    Base Oil Type   Polyalphaolefin  
      Kinematic Viscosity -40° C > 1000000 cSt ASTM D-445
        40°C 5548 cSt  
        100°C 525 cSt  
      Viscosity Index   280 ASTM D-2270
      Flash Point °C >200 ASTM D-92
      Pour Point °C -30 ASTM D-97
      Typical Properties of the Grease   Typical Value Test Method
    Color, Appearance     White  
    Penetration NLGI Grade   2 ASTM D-217
    (1/10 mm) Worked 60X 277 ASTM D-217
      Un worked   293 ASTM D-217
    Density   25° C 1.16 g/cm3 NYE CTM
    Oil Separation 24 hour(s) 100°C 0 FTM 791,

    Method 321.2

    Evaporation 24 hour(s) 100°C 0.2  


  • Genuine Nye lubricants 570h-10 bearing grease film lubricating oil dryness

    Properties liquid.
    Form liquid semi-solid
    Colorless color
    Slightly scented
    No data on pH value.
    Melting point / freezing point no data available.
    Product Name: nyetact 570h-10
    Boiling point, initial boiling point and boiling range are not available.
    Flash point > 300.0 ° C (> 572.0 ° f) ASTM d-92
    Lower limit of combustion (%) no data available.
    Upper limit of combustion (%) no data available.
    Lower explosive limit (%) no data available.
    Upper explosion limit (%) no data available.
    Estimation of vapor pressure 2.39 HPA
    Vapor density 11.7 (solvent)
    The relative density is not available.
    Density 1.70 g / C ㎡
    1.70 g/c㎡

    Solubility (water) no data available.
    Partition coefficient (octanol / water) no data available.
    No data on spontaneous combustion temperature.
    No data on decomposition temperature.
    Other data
    Kinematic viscosity 500 CST
    Kinematic viscosity (40 ° f)
    Pour point – 28’c (- 18.4 ° f)
    The shelf life is 4 years

  • DELO-DUALBOND RE3440 UV- heatcuring adhesive

    – dual-curing modified polycarbaminacid derivative
    – one-component, solvent-free, UV- heatcuring

    – especially for a fast fixing of components an curing at low temperatures
    – the cured product is normally used in a temperature range of -40 °C to +130 °C; depending on
    the application, other limits may be more reasonable
    – compliant with RoHS directive 2015/863/EU
    – halogen-free by the criteria of IEC 61249-2-21

    – the adhesive is supplied ready for use; in case refrigerated storage, it must be ensured that the
    container is conditioned to room temperature before use
    – the containers are conditioned at room temperature (max. +25 °C); the conditioning time is
    approx. 0.5 h for containers up to 10 ml, 1 h for containers up to 50 ml, 2 h for containers up to
    160 ml, 5 h for containers up to 600 ml; additional heat addition is not allowed
    – the surfaces to be bonded must be dry as well as free of dust, grease an other contaminations
    – dispensing valves and product-bearing elements must be carefully cleaned directly after
    adhesive use
    – adequate cleaners are acetone and BDGA (butyldiglykolacetate); for BDGA use acetone as a
    chaser, do not use alcoholic or hydrous cleaners


  • Nippon mineral oil NPC i-164 No.2 is a grease with excellent electrical insulation

    Lubrication of optical machines such as precision machines and cameras
    Lubrication of automobile parts, electrical parts, plastic parts, etc
    Transaction machine, OA machine, etc

  • CEMEDINE Y-610 The two-part acrylic adhesive has user friendliness almost equal to that of one-part adhesive.

    • Assembly of building members
    • Assembly of signboard
    • Assembly of furniture
    • Adhesion and assembly of automotive and vehicle parts
    • Assembly of magnets
    • Assembly of sports goods
  • TECHNOMELT PUR 4663 hotmelt used for lamination, general assembly work

    • High initial strength
    • Chemical cross-linking within few days
    • Bond joint turns into a thermoset
    • Very high heat resistance and cold flexibility
    • Excellent water resistance
    • Resistant to most solvents
  • Zhonglan Chenguang gd-442 is an ideal bonding and sealing material for one component RTV silicone rubber