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FuJi International (Hong Kong)co. was established in 2006, so far 11 years of history. It is operated by a professional mangement team specialized in scientific research ,safe production ,quality control and sales operation .

Main Products from the Company include adhesive, lubricating oil, tape, diluent, etc. Then we are agent of many world-famous brands , such as 3M, Cemedine, Dow Corning, Araldite, Konishi, Loctite …Almost Covering every kind Glue products and related production equiment that you can imagine…… View More

HOT Products

  • ShinEtsu g-747 kind of grease like thermal conductive silicone grease

    It is a kind of synthetic oil based on silicone oil and mixed with certain metal oxides. It has good current characteristics and is most suitable for heat dissipation and insulation of semiconductor components such as transistors, thermoelectric resistors and various heat conduction media.

    Technical parameters:

    Product Name: Xinyue g-747 thermal grease

    Appearance: white greasy

    Specific gravity: 2.70

    Concentration: 346

    Oil separation: 0.01 * 2

    Volatilization rate: 0.02 * 2

    Thermal conductivity: 1.09 {2.6×10-3}

    Operating temperature range: – 50 – + 170

  • Kanto Kasei ud-321 kind of opalescent translucent lubricant, which is used for the special lubrication of electronic products, precision machine parts and rotary shaft

    Hanarl in Kanto, Japan   Application scope of ud-321:

    Hanarl in Kanto, Japan   Ud-321 has a wide range of applications, such as printers, fax machines, mobile phone shafts, notebook computers, slide rails, DVD movement and tray slide rails, audio-visual equipment, precision machinery, optical instruments, light load plastic gears, multi-function office equipment, etc. In addition, the utility model relates to various uses such as structure, contact, power on, resistance, immersion, heat dissipation, etc

  • LOCTITE EA 0151 clear two-component epoxy having optical clarity when used in small quantities

    Application: Bonding surfaces should be clean and dry. Once
    the adhesive is applied, the bonded parts should be held in
    contact until the part has developed handling strength. It is not
    necessary to clamp the parts unless movement during cure is

  • LOCTITE EA E-20NS non-sagging industrial grade epoxy adhesive

    LOCTITE EA E-20NS is a non-sagging industrial grade
    epoxy adhesive. Once mixed, the two component epoxy cures
    at room temperature to form an off white, tough bondline, which
    provides high peel resistance and high shear strengths. When
    fully cured, the epoxy is resistant to a wide range of chemicals
    and solvents, and acts as an excellent electrical insulator.
    Develops strong, tough bonds on aluminum, stainless steel
    and other metals, as well as glass, ceramics, and plastics. Its
    non-sagging formula is well suited for use on vertical surfaces
    to avoid run-off

  • Chemiseal UV U-1541 liquid UV curable resin curing resinIt

    The specific applicable example is coil. It has excellent heat resistance. The appearance is milky white, thixotropic, the viscosity (25 ℃) is 30000 MPa · s, and the curing state is ultraviolet.

  • Nolato Norante 8831HAB two-component high-temperature curing conductive silica gel

    Product features
    ● High temperature curing (100℃~150℃), with strong intermolecular bonding force and stable performance.
    ● Excellent conductivity.
    ● Good fluidity and high production efficiency.
    ● Strong adhesion.
    ● meet EU RoHS directive.
    ● It can be applied to triangle dispensing process, which can make up the fit tolerance of workpieces better.
    ●Trishield dispensing pad-triangle

  • Nolato Compatherm Pad 9420 cost effective thermally conductive interface material.

    Compatherm Pad 9420 is a cost effective thermally conductive interface material.
    The material is a filled thermally conductive elastomer which provides good thermal
    performance with great reliability.
    Compatherm pad 9420 key properties
    − 2 W/(mK) thermal conductivity
    − Operating temperature -40 to +150˚ C
    − Electrically insulating material
    − Compliant elastomeric based material
    − Naturally tacky on both sides, customised surface available
    − Available in thickness from 0.25 to 5mm

  • Compatherm filler 9344 thermally conductive two-part addition cured compound from Nolato.

    Compatherm filler key properties 9344
    − 4 W/(mK) thermal conductivity
    − Operating temperature -40 to +150˚ C
    − Ultra-conforming
    − Very good wetting
    − Two-part material gives high mechanical stability after curing
    1. Applications
    The product is used to transfer heat from heat sources, such as components on a
    PCB, to a heat sink. Compatherm filler 9344 has the ability to cover various gap
    heights and complex geometries with a very low closure force.