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FuJi International (Hong Kong)co. was established in 2006, so far 11 years of history. It is operated by a professional mangement team specialized in scientific research ,safe production ,quality control and sales operation .

Main Products from the Company include adhesive, lubricating oil, tape, diluent, etc. Then we are agent of many world-famous brands , such as 3M, Cemedine, Dow Corning, Araldite, Konishi, Loctite …Almost Covering every kind Glue products and related production equiment that you can imagine…… View More

Main Products

HOT Products

  • CEMEDINE C-163AM quick-drying adhesive industrial adhesive

    CEMEDINE C163AM yellow plastic traits:
    1. The main component of rubber-based synthetic rubber
    2 appearance of brown
    3. The main solvent ethyl acetate, acetone
    4. Viscosity (cP / 30 ℃) 6,000 ± 1000
    5. Freeze stability (-5 ℃ / 10 days) is good
    6. Specific gravity (30 ℃) 0.92 ± 0.03 7. Solid content (%) 34 ± 2 8. Touch dry time (minutes) 2 to 3

  • Interzone954 Modified Epoxy Resin Paint

    lnterzone 954 modified epoxy resin paint:
    A two-component, low VOC content, thick paste type, modified epoxy shielding coating, construction of single-channel coating, that is, with long-term protection. Immersed in water, can continue to cure, with excellent engage in cathode stripping performance.

  • Bitzer frozen oil BSE170 refrigeration compressor oil

    Bitzer refrigeration oil replacement conditions:
    1, the unit for a long time to work, the compressor has reached the maintenance time (the initial operation of the unit 2000 hours, after the cumulative three years or running time more than 10000 ~ 12000 hours);
    2, because the motor burned and replace the compressor; replace the compressor after 100 hours of continuous operation of the fluorine system;
    3, for the scene assembled units or close to the working conditions of the unit under the limit, in the cumulative operation of 100 hours after the replacement of frozen oil;

  • MomentiveTSE3944-W glue sealant


    Non-integrated circuits and semiconductor corrosion coatings
    Electrical and industrial applications required for sealing flame retardant properties
    Seal connector for electronic parts
    Waterproofing of electrical and electronic equipment and communication equipment

  • Loca liquid optical glue for uv glue on mobile phone screen

    Liquid Optic Adhesive (LOCA) Typical Applications:
    1. In a design with a curved surface and a complex surface;
    2. has a high ink thickness or uneven surface;
    3. Glass structure capacitive screen G-G;
    4.Lens compound and LCD with Lens fit;
    5. Mobile touch screen protection.

  • Aron Alpha 802 Instant Sol

    The characteristics of this super-glue is no need to mix at room temperature can quickly bond a variety of materials, and strong adhesion, a small amount of instantaneous bonding can be a large area. Aaron hair AA super glue itself transparent, so that the appearance of adhesive objects beautiful. Plus resistance to chemicals, heat resistance, good water resistance, can guarantee lasting adhesion. Widely used, easy to use, really fast super glue.


  • DEVCO CA-2400 Quick Dry Glue

    ITW Devcon CA2400 glue is a low viscosity universal adhesive. Used for bonding rubber, metal and plastic parts. Can fill 0.10mm gap.

  • AB glue ergo1309 high temperature glue

    Ergo1309. Threaded locking agent, low strength, medium viscosity products designed specifically for the occasional need to remove the adjustment of the fasteners and design, but also for fine tooth thread screws and thread spacing is greater than the thread diameter of 2 times the situation. Hand tools can be easily removed. Control the lubrication, to achieve precise clamping force, in the case of vibration, to prevent fasteners loose.


  • Ergo5920 transparent quick glue

    Product Introduction:
    ergo.5920 cyanoacrylate is an ultra-low odor, ultra-low whitening, low viscosity instant glue.
    ergo.5920 Universal purpose of bonding: metal, plastic, leather, make-up industry, dental instruments, medical tools, they can join a variety of types of materials, including metal, plastic, elastomer, wood, stone, Leather, fabric, or any combination of these materials.

  • American Bostik NSBT 16N grease

    The United States BOSTONIKNEVER-SEEZ NSBT-16N pure nickel grease is a high performance, non-copper, high temperature, high pressure anti-stuck compounds. It consists of a special grease as a carrier, adding pure nickel, graphite and other additives. Temperature from -180 ℃ to 1300 ℃. Very resistant to corrosive acids and caustic soda solutions.

  • 3M SCOTCH test stealth tape

    3M810 tape characteristics:
    1.Crystal transparent perfect paste
    2.Do not scissors hand to tear
    3. Transparency is high and lingering for days
    4. Smooth surface smooth

  • OEM silicone

    Packaging & Delivery
    Packaging Details:
    silicone sealant 80g/piece
    Delivery Detail:
    7-15 days