• cemdine EP330 silicone sealant epoxy resin adhesive

    To use:
    1) can use the car, train, ship, aviation and other neighborhood
    The bonding and sealing of electrical appliances, electronic products
    (3) construction comprehensive bonded
    (4) the adhesive of the precision instruments and craft supplies
    (5) the adhesive of the sports equipment

  • cemdine Epoxy Resin Adhesive EP138 Endurance

    1) can use the car, train, ship, aviation and other neighborhood
    The bonding and sealing of electrical appliances, electronic products
    (3) construction comprehensive bonded
    (4) the adhesive of the precision instruments and craft supplies
    (5) the adhesive of the sports equipment

  • Cemedine 1500AB Epoxy resin adhesive AB glue Super Glue

    1.Reactive adhesive
    3.No gas produced during curing process
    4.Excellent adhesive strength
    5.Excellent heat and chemicals resistance
    6.Small shrinkage by curing
    7.Small creep under load
    8.Excellent durability
    9.Superb insulation

  • CEMEDINE 201F solvent-free reactive elastic continuing agent for glue industry

    Properties: the adhesive is a single liquid polymer products, it is the use of moisture vapor in the air to cure, high viscosity, vertical plane almost no vertical flow, after curing, elastic, good aging resistance and heat resistance, low temperature -40℃, high temperature resistance 120℃

    Application: natural rubber, artificial rubber and metal products adhesion/rubber skin (limited to rubber skin with cotton cloth on the opposite side of the products) of the board bonding, leather products. Textile products. Wood. Glass wool. Adhesion of sponge, rubber, etc. Other such as ceramic. Concrete bonding can also.

  • CEMEDINE 3000RS Instant adhesive strong instant dry glue adhesive

  • CEMEDINE 3000RX Instant Strong Adhesive for electrical and electronic Automotive Components

    [Brand] :CEMEDINE
    [Model] :3000RX
    [Specification] :20G
    [Origin] : Japan
    [Curing method] : curing at room temperature
    [Application] : electrical, electronic, precision and auto parts bonding natural stone crack repair, prevent screws and bolts loose, etc.

  • CEMEDINE 366E 180ml high performance sealant for industrial use

    Brand: CEMEDINE
    Model: 366 e
    Specification: 180 ml
    Origin: Taiwan
    Shelf life :6 months
    Component: Single component
    Characteristics: Oil resistance, weather resistance
    Application: Adhesive metal, rubber, etc

  • CEMEDINE 366E yellow glue industrial high performance sealing agent 180ml branch

    Application: It is used to fill the gap between the front and rear windshield and the edge of the car body. The gap between glass and rubber and between rubber and steel plate can be filled. Also suitable for dry wood, canvas, leather, cardboard, blankets, washing machines, cold and soft air-conditioning and other industrial equipment products and door frame edge buffer rubber adhesive, suitable for the adhesion of dry interior decoration materials synthetic rubber adhesive. [ notes ]366E contains hazardous ingredients toluene and N-hexane, 366FE contains hazardous ingredients toluene.

    1. Highly flammable liquids and Vapors

    2. Harmful if swallowed

    3. Causes mild skin irritation, severe eye irritation long-term or repeated exposure may cause injury to organs if ingested and harmful to the respiratory tract harmful to aquatic organisms keep away from ignition sources, no Smoking 2. Keep container in well ventilated place 3. Close Container 4. Wear appropriate protective clothing, gloves, eye/face protectors 5. If contact with eyes, wash immediately with a large amount of water and seek medical attention. Do not induce vomiting. 8. Avoid release into the environment, according to the use of materials, different environment and measured data error code.

  • CEMEDINE 540 horn yellow adhesive for bonding electronic components metal adhesive

     Brand: CEMEDINE 

    Place of Origin: Japan

    Model: 540

    Specifications: 180ML/piece

    Features: Environmentally friendly, non-corrosive, strong viscous

    Application: Adhesion and bonding between soft chlorinated polyethylene resin, vulcanized rubber, leather, metal, hard plastic, wood and cloth.


  • CEMEDINE 5525 foam adhesive compressed air spray gun yellow glue 14KG

    Brand: CEMEDINE
    Model: 5525
    Viscosity: 300 mpa. S
    Colour: light yellow
    Table dry time :3-5 minutes
    Packing specification :14KG
    Shelf life :6 months

  • CEMEDINE 575 metal horn yellow gum industrial high performance adhesive

    Method of use:

    1. Before construction, please remove the oil stains, water, dust and other dirt on the adhesive surface (rust with sandpaper oil is wiped with benzene fine).

    2 Soft glue on both sides of the object to be glued, when the surface is not slightly put for about (5-10 minutes), then glue the two objects,

    3 After the pressing force can be immediately glued, do not have to use other items.


    For rubber cloth wool and other soft items can be bonded to each other, wood and metal can also be bonded to the above soft items.

    Product application:

    1. Apply to the door and around the trunk of the car to prevent rain and other moisture from entering. Rubber cover bars act as cushions when curing doors and trunks.

    2.575 suitable for the connection between such rubbers and gold or between rubbers.

    3.575 has good initial follow-up, heat resistance and water resistance, and the same remarkable performance as MIL-A5092 type II.

  • Cemedine 575F Chloroprene Adhesive for Artificial rubber Metal products

    Cemedine 575F hard with a wide range of bonding, elastic bonding, solvent-free, and other characteristics, is a single group and the air in the reaction of moisture generated adhesion of the adhesive.