Dry lubricant

  • 9801 Quick dry lubricant

    Widely used in audio and video equipment and other products need to clean and lubricate the precision parts, such as CD-ROM discs slide, cameras, digital cameras, optical instruments telescopic lens and internal lubrication.

  • DRYSURF Havis MDF-2400EL Dry Lubricant skin film oil metal plastic rubber to prevent wear

    The Vis DRYSURF MDF series are fast drying lubricants which include fluorine inert solvents and are used in developed countries for electronic equipment, office supplies equipment and optical equipment. The product is compatible not only with metals but also with most plastics.
    Characteristics of the
    1. Can be used for any mechanical parts;
    2 can be dried in a few seconds at room temperature;
    3. Operating temperature range from -50 to 350℃;
    4 Matches metal and most plastics.
    Long – acting lubrication can prevent gear and CAM wear.

  • Japan SANKOL Kishimoto CFD-409z dry film oil automotive wheel oil dry film lubricant

    Recommended application:


    1. It is suitable for plastic and plastic, plastic and metal, and rubber parts to play its lubricating, moisture-proof, rust-proof, anti-static and dust-proof functions;


    2. Widely used in audio-visual and optical equipment and other products For precision parts that need to be cleaned and lubricated, such as the slide rails of the CD-ROM tray, the telescopic lenses of cameras, digital cameras, and optical instruments and internal mechanisms are lubricated.


    Japan SANKOL CFD-4097, CFD-409H, CFD-8107, CFD-703, 512, CFD-5003Z, CFD-230H, MEN-223R, FG-84M, FG-87H quick-drying lubricants are specially designed to reduce noise and The wear-resistant design of gears and connecting parts has excellent stability from low temperature to high temperature change, and can effectively prevent the adhesion and leakage of dust and friction powder.


    Especially suitable for CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and other audio equipment movement, audio-visual products office equipment, etc.Non-toxic, clean, fungus-free and have no adverse effect on plastic parts, these are the basic requirements for the toy industry.

  • Japan SANKOL Kishimoto CFD-950 dry film lubricant precision electronic instrument special oil

    Typical data:

    Project CFD-950
    Milky white liquid appearance
    Base oil fluorine oil
    Solvent fluorine solvent
    Operating temperature: -65-150 ℃
    Friction coefficient (light load)PS/POM vibration test 0.04
    Plastic compatibility test PS/POM/ABS no crack
    Copper corrosion test (100℃, 24h), grade qualified
    How to use:

    Clean contact areas, dip components or apply this product using a brush or sponge.

    Operation precautions:

    ◎ This product contains solvent: ensure full ventilation. Be sure to wash your hands if you eat or smoke after using this product

    ◎ This product will gradually decompose into fluorinated gas when it is above 250℃ : ensure adequate ventilation.

  • Kanto Kasei Hanarl UD-321 Dry lubricant

    UD-321 is mainly used for sliding parts and special equipment lubrication, such as CD, MD, DVD plastic gear and general sliding parts, digital cameras, keys and tape recorders, printers, fax machine calibration parts lubrication.

  • Kanto Kasei Hanarl UD-420K Dry lubricant

    HANARL products contain lubricating ingredient dissolved in fluorine-based solvent. As a result, uniform thin films can be formed regardless of skill levels. The quick-dry solvent dramatically improves efficiency even in line work.

  • Sankol 5005Z fast-drying lubricant for metals and plastics

    Sankol 5005Z is fast-drying lubricant which includes fluorocarbon type inert solvent, developed for use in Electronic devices . office appliance equipments , optical equipments .this product is not compatible with not only metals but also most plastics.

  • sankol CFD 960 Quick dry lubricant

    Applicable to CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and other audio equipment movement, audio and video products, office equipment. Non-toxic, clean, no fungi and no adverse effects on plastic parts, these are the basic requirements of the toy industry.

  • Sankol CFD-006Z Dry lubricant

    1. After the formation of non-sticky volatile dry film, no oil stains, do not pollute the product;
    2. Increase the parts of the finish, anti-static, dust, protective parts clean;
        3. Environmental protection without harmful substances, the use of safety, drainage, moisture, metal protection is not corrosion;
    4. High and low temperature performance, wide temperature range, uniform film thickness, short drying time;
    5. Protection of all plastic and rubber surfaces, with metal, plastic and elastomer compatibility is good.

  • Sankol CFD-5005Z Quick-drying lubricants for precision parts

    Non-toxic, clean, no fungi and no adverse effects on plastic parts, these are the basic requirements of the toy industry. SANKOL quick-drying lubricants not only meet the above requirements, the price is cheaper than synthetic oil and silicone oil.