Epoxy resin

  • Cemedine 1500AB Epoxy resin adhesive AB glue Super Glue

    1.Reactive adhesive
    3.No gas produced during curing process
    4.Excellent adhesive strength
    5.Excellent heat and chemicals resistance
    6.Small shrinkage by curing
    7.Small creep under load
    8.Excellent durability
    9.Superb insulation

  • Cemedine EP007 Epoxy Resin Adhesive glue

    Applicable to adherents over an extensive range including metals and plastics
    • Adhesion of cars, vehicles, vessels and aircraft • Adhesion and sealing of electric equipment and electronic parts
    • Adhesion of composite members for construction • Assembly of precision equipment and art works
    • Adhesion of sporting equipment

  • CEMEDINE Y-358 epoxy glue

    It is suitable for electrical machinery parts, electronic machinery parts, metal handicrafts, stone products, plastic materials, wood, speaker sets and so on, and its resistance, shock resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, excellent anti-aging characteristics.

  • Interzone954 Modified Epoxy Resin Paint

    lnterzone 954 modified epoxy resin paint:
    A two-component, low VOC content, thick paste type, modified epoxy shielding coating, construction of single-channel coating, that is, with long-term protection. Immersed in water, can continue to cure, with excellent engage in cathode stripping performance.

  • KONISHI leather Silica gel waterproof 3g super glue

    Features: transparent, tasteless, heat, water, chemical resistance, 5 minutes fast curing.
    Japan small West KONISHI # 16131 adhesive bonding is widely used in bonding stainless steel, hard aluminum,

  • LO-TECH 7102 Epoxy resin GLUE

    To be potted products need to keep dry, clean; use check the A agent, observe whether there is settlement, and A agent to stir evenly; according to the ratio of the amount, and weighing accurate, please remember that the ratio is the weight ratio Non-volume ratio, A, B mixture after the need to fully stir evenly to avoid curing is not complete; stir even after the timely filling, and as far as possible in the use of time to use fully mixed glue; Gradually penetrate into the product gap, if necessary, please carry out the second filling; curing process, please keep the environment clean, so that impurities or dust into the uncured glue surface.

  • SX720B epoxy resin

    Pressure-sensitive range is reached in this curing process about 10 min. after application. If adherends are put together during this time, they bound instantaneously as in the case of rubber contact adhesive, eliminating the need for temporary fixation.