Kanto Kasei

  • Kanto Kasei FLOIL 946P Bearing lubricants

    Typical applications:
    The suitable for powder metallurgy bearing iron-based, copper or aluminum bearing material.
    The suitable for micro motor, flat motor and gyro motor.
    Precision oil bearing.

  • Kanto Kasei FLOIL GM 930

    FLOIL and HANARL are the generic term for a special synthetic lubricant and chemical manufactured by Kasei Kanto alone.
    Products, such as TV, VCR, DVD, camera, computer, automobile and so on can be used, including the structure, contact, power, resistance
    Force, immersion, heat and so on a variety of ways.

  • Kanto Kasei Hanarl TC 784

    Our products are widely used for a variety of applications including machinery, electrical contacts, electrical conductors, torque transmission, impregnating and heat release for high-tech devices such as TVs, cameras, computers and automotive electrical components.
    These products, developed in anticipation ahead of time, have gained immense trust.

  • Kanto Kasei Hanarl UD-321 Dry lubricant

    UD-321 is mainly used for sliding parts and special equipment lubrication, such as CD, MD, DVD plastic gear and general sliding parts, digital cameras, keys and tape recorders, printers, fax machine calibration parts lubrication.

  • Kanto Kasei Hanarl UD-420K Dry lubricant

    HANARL products contain lubricating ingredient dissolved in fluorine-based solvent. As a result, uniform thin films can be formed regardless of skill levels. The quick-dry solvent dramatically improves efficiency even in line work.