heat sink

  • Dow corning DOWSIL™ 340 Heat Sink Compound

    Dow thermally conductive compounds are grease like silicone materials, heavily filled with heat-conductive metal oxides. This combination promotes high thermal conductivity, low
    bleed and high-temperature stability. The compounds are designed to maintain a positive heat sink seal to improve heat transfer from the electrical device or PCB system assemblies
    to the heat sink or chassis, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the device. or PCB  system assemblies are continually designed to deliver higher performance. Especially in the area of consumer devices, there is also a continual trend towards smaller, more compact designs. In combination these factors typically mean that more heat is generated in the device. Thermal management of PCB system assemblies is a primary concern of design engineers. A cooler device allows for more efficient operation and better  reliability over the life of the device. As such, thermally conductive compounds play an integral role here. Thermally conductive materials act as a thermal “bridge” to remove heat  from a heat source (device) to the ambient via a heat transfer media (i.e. heat sink). These materials have properties such as low thermal resistance, high thermal conductivity, and can achieve thin Bond Line Thicknesses (BLTs) which can help to improve the transfer of heat away from the device.