• Shin-Etsu G-746 thermal grease

    Shin-Etsu G-746 thermal grease is widely used as the thermal conductivity of materials for electronic components, such as the processor CPU and heat sink, caulking, power transistor, thyristor diode materials (copper, aluminum) contact with the filling of gaps, transistor; CPU assembly; temperature sensor; automotive electronics; car refrigerator; power supply module; printer head, electronic appliances, the sound of crystal cooling use, reduce the operating temperature of the heating element, an increase of crystal life.

  • ShinEtsu G-501 Silicone Grease

    Shin-Etsu G-501 grease by special silicone oil as a base oil, add the special wear-resistant, anti-oxidation additives refined, it applies to plastic parts, blower bearings, lubrication and silencers. The ratio between the lubricated components (such as: Polyacetal POM, polycarbonate PC, ABS and other resins) will not form cracks. Shin-Etsu G-501 grease lubrication between metal far more than the general lubricating effect of the silicone oil.

  • ShinEtsu g-747 kind of grease like thermal conductive silicone grease

    It is a kind of synthetic oil based on silicone oil and mixed with certain metal oxides. It has good current characteristics and is most suitable for heat dissipation and insulation of semiconductor components such as transistors, thermoelectric resistors and various heat conduction media.

    Technical parameters:

    Product Name: Xinyue g-747 thermal grease

    Appearance: white greasy

    Specific gravity: 2.70

    Concentration: 346

    Oil separation: 0.01 * 2

    Volatilization rate: 0.02 * 2

    Thermal conductivity: 1.09 {2.6×10-3}

    Operating temperature range: – 50 – + 170

  • shinetsu KE 44 silicone thermal grease

    ShinEtsu KE-44 Mainly used in electronic components of the heat transfer medium, can enhance their work efficiency. Such as: high-power transistors (especially the plastic tube), SCR components, thermostat contacts between the diode and the substrate (aluminum, copper) contacts the heat transfer medium gap Department, rectifiers, radiator and electrical the thermal conductivity of insulating materials.

  • ShinEtsu KR-400 Organic Silicone

    product characteristics
    The KR-400 silicone resin is a demethoxylated methyl type silicone coating agent containing a curing catalyst. At room temperature, about 1 hour can be dry, can be cured for several hours, with excellent weather resistance, rust, water, water, adhesion, chemical resistance
    Character, heat resistance, the formation of relatively hard surface film.

  • ShinEtsu Silicone Grease High Vacuum Sealing Compound (200ºC) G-40M

    The Shin-Etsu grease is applied into the Sanwa joystick body and under the Sanwa JLF-P-4 Pivot Cylinder. The grease lubricates the cylinder, which in turn allows the joystick to move more freely.

  • Thermal Conductive grease ShinEtsu KS-609 / KS609

    KS609 is a thermal conductive grease. It has excellent thermal properties (thermal conductivity 0.75WM / K),
    General using for electronic devices.
    The product is excellent insulation properties, volatile small and easy to use. Excellent Heat – resistant and cold – resistant .
    Wide temperature range, no cure with low temperature -50 ℃ .