Silicone adhesive

  • Cemedine Super X 777 the intelligent epoxy resin sticker machine for adult

    pressure sensitive adhesive by absorbing moisture in the air curing reaction pressure. The fixed time is about ten minutes.

    single component non solvent at room temperature fast curing. Easy to use, clean and safe single component non solvent composition, fast curing at room temperature in

  • Cemedine Super-X 777 NEO 170G silicone sealant

    Ecological Information:

    Ecotoxicity Acuatic toxicity

    Crustacea(Daphnia magna) EC50 > 5600mg/L/24hr (IUCLID, 2000) Water solubility

    none (ICSC, 1995)

    No Persistence and degradability data available No Bioaccumulative potential data available No Mobility in soil data available

    Ozone depleting chemical data not available

  • Cemedine Super-X 8008 Silicone glue Adhesive glue

    • Adhesion of cars, vehicles, vessels and aircraft

    • Adhesion and sealing of electric equipment and electronic parts
    • Adhesion of composite members for construction

    • Assembly of precision equipment and art works
    • Adhesion of sporting equipment

  • Cemedine SX720B Adhesive Silicone Adhesive for electrical components

    1. The storage stability, easy to use
    2. Rapid curing, good strength
    3. Resistant to chemicals and solvents
    4.After curing for general solvents and chemicals has good low resistance.

  • DoW coring glue 1-2577 full range of adhesive glue

    Has good high frequency and low frequency dielectric properties
    Excellent thermal shock resistance, good moisture resistance
    Excellent optical transmission capability for solar installations
    The cured coating has good weather resistance and UV resistance

  • Dow Corning 1-2620 general purpose silicone sealant

    performance: waterproof, moisture, dust, Anti-corrosion, anti-aging, and other characteristics, widely used in circuit boards, electronic equipment, insulation protective adhesive, electronic components, electronic scales, electronic passive parts, automotive electronic control, etc.; )

  • DOW CORNING 1-4105 adhesive curingeps raw Coating material

    Dow Corning 1-4105 Conformal Coating Low viscosity, low temperature fast curing, heat curing, transparent coating single component, solvent-free elastomer, fast heating curing, transparent, resistant to moisture and other harsh environments; good dielectric properties.

  • dow corning 3145 High-quality components fixed glue

    High strength: fully cured after the tensile and tear strength, and has good resistance to moisture, anti-corona, anti-ozone performance.
    No collapse: high viscosity, no sag after coating, no collapse after curing.

  • DOW CORNING 3145 RTV Adheisve silicone sealant

    Dow corning 3145 RTVconformal coating (contains ultraviolet ray tracer).SGS certification Dow corning3145 RTV main use of rigid and flexible printed circuit board protection coating and impregnation of porous substrate protection coating.

  • DOW CORNING CN-8760 AB epoxy glue

    Two-part, 1 to 1 Gray Silicone Elastomer, RT and heat cure for manufacturing flexibility, harder elastomer with moderate thermal conductivity

  • DOW CORNING PV 7326 Potting Agent

    Dow Corning PV-7010 Potting Agent is a two component, silicone elastomer liquid that is used for potting solar module junction boxes, thermal control, and environmental protection. It provides flowability, minimal shrinkage, and is room temperature or heat curing. 1:1 mix ratio by weight or volume.

  • Dow corning PV8101F solar energy adhesive sealant

    One-part, fast tack-free, silicone RTV for PV module assembly. Typical applications include bonding and sealing photovoltaic module frames and electrical junction boxes.