• chemical SONY sc12n adhesive Glue Adhesive Silicone

    Model: SC12N
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    Color: light yellow
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    Viscosity: 10.000-17.000 (CPS)
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    Packing: 180ml, 15kg
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    Uses: used in electrical appliances, power supply, and other electronic components of the bonding, fixed, insulation.

  • Sony SC 901

    SONY SC901 is a self extinguishing glue adhesive of high performance non corrosion speed dry. When hardening, it has little odor, and it has excellent electrical characteristics and weather resistance after hardening. Suitable for electronic, electrical sealing, stationary, shock proof, thermal conduction.
    Temperature resistance: -50°C~250°c

  • SONY SC-121 glue

    SC121 is the neoprene as main ingredients, has passed the UL specifications (94 v – 0) certification of high-performance self-extinguishing adhesives. To room temperature, heating contact type, as long as the tiny pressure, can play a strong cohesive force.

  • SONY white glue adhesive sealant SC608Z2

    An excellent electrical insulator.
    Highly viscous and thixotropic, the product can be easily applied to a vertical surface without threading that may lead to an untidy appearance.
    SC608LVZ2 is identical to SC608Z2 except for a lower viscosity.

  • SONY white glue adhesive sealant SC608Z2

    Welding machine, electronic parts with a series of adhesive with excellent electrical characteristics and bonding force, can be widely meet the various needs. Flame retardant UL94V-Q for power suppliers, monitors and other electronic components such as insulation seal, shock fixed.