3M 4475 Epoxy spray plastic adhesive

3M 4475 Epoxy spray plastic adhesive

Excellent resistance to water, plasticizer migration, many detergent and soap
solutions, oils and grease.
A general purpose adhesive for bonding most vinyls, ceramics, glass, leather and
cloth to a variety of substrates.

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3 m4475 glue has unique plastic adhesive effect, is suitable for bonding a variety of plastic materials, such as PVC, PC, PE, PP, ABS, etc
Product application:
3 m4475 glue is mainly used for bonding electron, electrical appliances, electrical appliances product. Glue can be used for liquid crystal display, can also be used for the LED lamp shell and base adhesive. 3 m4475 glue can be used to adhesive sports equipment – plastic and arrow tail feathers glued to the shaft, it can dry quickly and strong adhesive.

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