Araldite HV998 epoxy resin adhesive

Araldite HV998 epoxy resin adhesive

Key properties:

• Multi purpose

• Long working life

• Low shrinkage

• Good resistance to dynamic loading

Bonds a wide variety of materials in common use


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The products of this series are widely used for bonding of metal and non-metals, connecting, sealing and repairing of hard materials, construction, automobile components, electronic components, also for usage in the material of pearls, jade, arts and crafts, antique etc.

Using Method:
1.The surface should be clean and dry, without oil or wax
2.Take down the cap, pierce the seal, squeeze out evenly (A:B=1:1). cover the surface with glue based on the mixing of the two components evenly,
3.Press it according to the actual condition.. it could achieve the using intensity after the solidifying for one hour during the normal temperature, it is suggested to operate at above 5ºC

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