CEMEDINE 366E 180ml high performance sealant for industrial use

CEMEDINE 366E 180ml high performance sealant for industrial use

Model: 366 e
Specification: 180 ml
Origin: Taiwan
Shelf life :6 months
Component: Single component
Characteristics: Oil resistance, weather resistance
Application: Adhesive metal, rubber, etc

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Product Features:

Lucky to play hard 366 e is a kind of drying caulking and fixative, keep elasticity for a long time, bending resistance, quick drying after coating is easy to operation, excellent weather resistance, water resistance, oil resistance on engine oil, lubricating oil (effects), will this agent will soften when heated to 120-130 ℃ and not into the fluid, and cooled to – 20 ℃ when the cracks will not occur

Product application:

It is a filling agent for the gap between the front and rear windshield and the edge of the car body, the window and the window frame. The gap between glass and rubber and rubber and steel plate can be filled. In addition, it is suitable for wood, canvas, leather, cardboard, blanket, washing machine, cold soft air conditioning and other industrial equipment products and door frame outer edge buffer rubber adhesive, and is suitable for interior decoration materials paste of synthetic rubber adhesive