CEMEDINE 575 metal horn yellow gum industrial high performance adhesive

CEMEDINE 575 metal horn yellow gum industrial high performance adhesive

Method of use:

1. Before construction, please remove the oil stains, water, dust and other dirt on the adhesive surface (rust with sandpaper oil is wiped with benzene fine).

2 Soft glue on both sides of the object to be glued, when the surface is not slightly put for about (5-10 minutes), then glue the two objects,

3 After the pressing force can be immediately glued, do not have to use other items.


For rubber cloth wool and other soft items can be bonded to each other, wood and metal can also be bonded to the above soft items.

Product application:

1. Apply to the door and around the trunk of the car to prevent rain and other moisture from entering. Rubber cover bars act as cushions when curing doors and trunks.

2.575 suitable for the connection between such rubbers and gold or between rubbers.

3.575 has good initial follow-up, heat resistance and water resistance, and the same remarkable performance as MIL-A5092 type II.

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CEMEDINE sensitized hard 575 yellow gum


1. Rubber (neoprene rubber) adhesive has a variety of standard properties, after joint is still elastic, so it is very convenient for the joint of soft materials

2. Hardened skin film, not only has strong adhesion, but also has good bending resistance.

3. If the wall is erected, the adhesion can be applied.

4. It is suitable for large area adhesion.

5. Excellent heat resistance, oil resistance and water resistance.