CEMEDINE SX720BH Electronic Sealant Elastic glue black paste fireproof

CEMEDINE SX720BH Electronic Sealant Elastic glue black paste fireproof

The adhesive bonding range is very wide, bonding metal, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, iron, steel, alloy zinc, etc.; Resin, nylon, styrene, acrylic resin, plastic, ABS resin; FRP, all kinds of rubber, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, mixed rubber; EPDM, inorganic materials, concrete, mortar, natural stone, ceramic tile, glass, ceramic: natural materials, wood, synthetic fiber leather, cloth, thick cardboard and so on can be bonded.

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SX720BH Electronic components special connector product specialty:

1. Fire resistance to ene attachment agent.

2. Single liquid solvent-free fast hardening at room temperature

Easy to use, clean and safe. · Single-liquid solvent-free, fast curing at room temperature.

3, then a wide range of use can quickly get the initial strength.

High adhesion strength and excellent durability for different materials. Safe and earth-friendly next agent

No low molecular weight siloxane (D3-D10) cyclomyelin siloxane compound was added. · No halogen, antimonic oxygen compound and phosphorous substance are used.

Product use:

· Fixed circuit board, such as condenser and coil. · Insulation and caulking of power supply and transformer. · Waterproof caulking for electronic components.