CEMEDINE EP331 two component high temperature resistant epoxy resin glue adhesive

CEMEDINE EP331 two component high temperature resistant epoxy resin glue adhesive

Model: EP331
Specification: 2 kg/group
Origin: Japan
Curing time :24 hours
Component: main agent/hardener two-component
Product Type: Epoxy resin adhesive
Use: Adhesive metal, plastic, etc

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Epoxy resin adhesives usually have components containing compounds such as amines, anhydrous substances that harden the adhesive.

Characteristics of the

1. Reaction form adhesive.

2. Solvent free form.

3. Gas is generated during the hardening process.

4. Excellent stickier and higher-ups.

5. Heat resistance, resistance to the yakusis.

6. Hardening and contraction.

7. Under the weight of ク リ ー プ are worlds apart.

8. Durability.

9. Insulation is more convenient.


1, metal, plastic and other wide range of wear square meters of adhesive materials.

2. Bonding of automobiles, automobiles, ships, aviation institutions, electrical and electronic parts and vehicles

3. Bonding of composite materials for construction, assembly of precision instruments and crafts, etc

4. Bonding of sports facilities, etc

Special features:

(1) Bonding through chemical reactions

② Do not use harmful solvents

③ No harmful gas is produced in the curing process

④ with very good adhesion

⑤ with strong heat and corrosion resistance

⑥ Shrinkage after curing is small

⑦ will not move or deform after compression

Today life is long

⑨ It has good insulation


① can be used for cars, trains, ships, aviation and other neighborhoods

(2) Bonding and sealing of electrical and electronic products

(3) Building comprehensive bond

(4) Bonding of precision instruments and craft supplies

⑤ the bond of sports instruments