Cemedine Super-X 8008 Silicone glue Adhesive glue

Cemedine Super-X 8008 Silicone glue Adhesive glue

• Adhesion of cars, vehicles, vessels and aircraft

• Adhesion and sealing of electric equipment and electronic parts
• Adhesion of composite members for construction

• Assembly of precision equipment and art works
• Adhesion of sporting equipment

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Cemedine super-X is an epoch-making one-part quick curing adhesive.

Significant features :

1) Pressure-sensitive adhesion

Curing reaction by moisture absorbed from the air.

Pressure-sensitive range is reached in this curing process after about 10min.

2. One-part solventless agent providing quick curing at normal temparture.

Easy-to-use, safe, and clean adhesive capable of quick curing at normal temperature.

3. Super-X products allow for adhesion of various types of plastics, rubbers, ceramics and metals over an exensive range.

4. Durability


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