Cemedine1500 epoxy resin glue AB component adhesive solvent free adhesive

Cemedine1500 epoxy resin glue AB component adhesive solvent free adhesive

[Brand] :cemedine
【 Model 】:1500
[Specification] : main agent /500G hardener /500G
[Origin] : Japan
[Properties] : durability, chemical resistance, heat resistance
[Application] : Bonding and sealing of electrical and electronic components, assembly of precision equipment, precision equipment, crafts, etc.

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1. No solvent reactive adhesive.

2. No gas is produced during curing

3. Heat resistance, drug resistance and subsequent performance

4. The curing cable rate is small, and the peristalsis is small under load

5. Durability and insulation performance

Shi Min beat hard 1500 glue
Neoprene rubber is the main component, used in soft materials such as rubber, leather and hard materials such as metal.
The adhesive is a single liquid type polymer products, it is the use of wet vapor components contained in the air to cure, high viscosity, vertical almost no vertical flow, curing elasticity, aging resistance, moisture resistance, low temperature resistance -40℃, high temperature resistance 120℃.
Excellent instant adhesion, do not lose rubber elasticity after bonding.
No need for mixing, heating and other complex operations can be simply used.
1. Rapid hardening at room temperature: 10 ~ 30 minutes
2. Multi-purpose: suitable for all kinds of metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, cloth, stone, etc.
3. Durability and electrical properties: elastic adhesive, strong and tough, soft expansion, shrinkage. High and low temperature durability -60℃ ~ +120℃.
4. High performance: water resistance, oil resistance, medium resistance.
5. Resin series adhesive