Co-supporting Chemical HZ002 Modified Acrylates Adhesive

Co-supporting Chemical HZ002 Modified Acrylates Adhesive


Senior components for the variations ofprincipal components

Cheekily white liquid

Viscosity (mPa · s) 40,000

Hardening conditions 80℃×60min —

The sensitivity rate of the complexes G* (Pa) 18,900 10Hz

The reservoir properties rate G ‘(Pa) 15,400 10Hz

The loss projetic rate G “(Pa) 10,900 10Hz

Storage condition (℃) 0~10

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Xieli Chemical Co., Ltd. is an enterprise which mainly develops UV hardening adhesives and functional resins for industrial use. The products are used in mobile phone lens and screen assembly, vehicle electronics, security cameras, HD lenses, optical communication industry, motor motors, new energy and other industries.

All parts of optical devices such as camera module and optical wave picker should be bonded

1. In terms of optical functional resins, in addition to products that can maintain high optical transparency after reliability tests, there are resins that adjust the refractive index

2 can be cured under visible light products are also complete, even if the UV light through the parts can also be bonded

3. It also has high adhesive strength to the difficult adhesive plastic

Examples of various uses

1. The mobile phone

2. The camera

3. Display (polarization plate)

4. Optical wave picker

5. The car

6. Commercial equipment

7. The projector