DELO-DUALBOND RE3440 UV- heatcuring adhesive

DELO-DUALBOND RE3440 UV- heatcuring adhesive

– dual-curing modified polycarbaminacid derivative
– one-component, solvent-free, UV- heatcuring

– especially for a fast fixing of components an curing at low temperatures
– the cured product is normally used in a temperature range of -40 °C to +130 °C; depending on
the application, other limits may be more reasonable
– compliant with RoHS directive 2015/863/EU
– halogen-free by the criteria of IEC 61249-2-21

– the adhesive is supplied ready for use; in case refrigerated storage, it must be ensured that the
container is conditioned to room temperature before use
– the containers are conditioned at room temperature (max. +25 °C); the conditioning time is
approx. 0.5 h for containers up to 10 ml, 1 h for containers up to 50 ml, 2 h for containers up to
160 ml, 5 h for containers up to 600 ml; additional heat addition is not allowed
– the surfaces to be bonded must be dry as well as free of dust, grease an other contaminations
– dispensing valves and product-bearing elements must be carefully cleaned directly after
adhesive use
– adequate cleaners are acetone and BDGA (butyldiglykolacetate); for BDGA use acetone as a
chaser, do not use alcoholic or hydrous cleaners


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– fixing by curing with UVA light in a wavelength range of 320 – 400 nm in 1 – 5 seconds. Curing
by heat in a temperature range of +80 °C to +130 °C is mandatory
– the predominant part which has to be bonded should not get fixed with light, the maximum
adhesion is given with an only heat cured product
– the time between fixing and heat curing should not be longer than 1 hour at room temperature
(max. +25 °C)
– the adhesive features a post-curing attitude. After a heat curing step at low temperatures (<
+120 °C) and a short curing time a strength is given. Furthermore the adhesive shows a post
curing at room temperature and rises up to the strength after about 24 h recording to the
temperature of the heat curing step
– the actual curing times at the respective temperatures are dependent on the heating time of the
components, the heating time of the components must be added to the curing time of the
– the heating time depends on the component size and the oven type