Dow Corning high vacuum grease

Dow Corning high vacuum grease

1. low volatility to obtain high vacuum.
2. resistance to oxidation.
3. Not melted.
4. excellent thermal conductivity.

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Composition: Hard, non-melted silicone material
Typical applications: used in plug valves, control valves, flowmeter bearings, ceramic plugs, fire extinguisher valves, vacuum and pressure systems, water treatment equipment, laboratory equipment, telescopes, chemical processing equipment for lubricants to prevent precision lens fog The
Color: white transparent
Operating temperature: -40 ℃ to 204 ℃
Description: HVG high vacuum grease is a tight, non-melted silicone lubricant that maintains a uniform consistency over the -40 to 204 ° C range of applications, recommended for applications where the vacuum is 1 x 10-5 and 1 X 10-6 mm Hg.

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