AB glue ergo1309 high temperature glue

AB glue ergo1309 high temperature glue

Ergo1309. Threaded locking agent, low strength, medium viscosity products designed specifically for the occasional need to remove the adjustment of the fasteners and design, but also for fine tooth thread screws and thread spacing is greater than the thread diameter of 2 times the situation. Hand tools can be easily removed. Control the lubrication, to achieve precise clamping force, in the case of vibration, to prevent fasteners loose.


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Shear strength 56 (MPa)
Effective substance ≥ 56 (%)
Active use period 6 (min)  
Working temperature 56 (℃)
viscosity 4000-6000
density 55
temperature range -40~130
Material Epoxy Acrylate


 Has a good temperature resistance of the curing speed of the slow anaerobic adhesive, used to expand the crimp and shrink the assembly of the components to prevent surface corrosion.
Thread locking (locking and sealing of various sizes of threaded fasteners)
Thread seal (hydraulic and pipe sealant)
. Washer / flange sealant (seal rigid metal to metal components, such as flanges)
Cylindrical holding (holding cylindrical metal components, such as bearings and bushings fitted into the housing, shaft, gear, pulley, and type of cylindrical parts)
Ergo.4452 Gluing, high strength, heat resistant, with good temperature resistance to slow curing of anaerobic adhesive, used to expand the crimp and shrink the assembly of the components to prevent surface corrosion.


1.Could I have some informatIon about your scope of business ?
Answer:Our products have been sold in a number of areas abroad ,They are very popular with the users there.
2. Would you offer free samples?
Answer :Sample can be prepared before mass production. If we have the sample in stock .we will provide free sample to u. if we don’t have in stock . then u should pay the sample fee . any way . the sample fee will pay back to u. when u confirm the order
Sample shipping fee is charged by the shipping company . Client should pay it  🙂
3.What is available shipping way ?
Answer: We usually ship small order by air, There are many international couriers for your option, such as DHL, Fedex, UPS and China EMS. If you already have account with DHL, UPS or other couriers, you can advise us in advance an we can send the goods under  your account,
We usually ship large orders by sea. In general, the ocean shipment will spend more days than by air, So the shipping way is subject to your demand  in advance. When youur order shipping out . we will provide u a tracking no. then u can know clearly the status of the goods 
4.Is it possible that you lower the price a bit?
Answer:Our price is highly competitive,If your order is big enough,we may reconsider our price.
5.How about the quality of your products ?
They enjoy good reputation in the world.
6.How to pay for goods?
Answer:Western Union, MoneyGram. L/C, TT  .T/T (30%deposit, 70% before shipment after presentation of ready cargo)   please send inquire to our email for the details
7.What about our request for the early delivery of the goods ?
Answer: I am sorry ,We can not advance the time of delivery
8.When will you deliver the products to us ?
Answer: We will get the goods dispatched within the stipulated time

Company Information

        The company was founded in 2005, with its headquarter located in Hong Kong. ZhuHai Olga is operated by a professional mangement team specialized in scientific research ,safe production ,quality control and sales operation .

        ZhuHai Olga owns highly automatic production lines and R&D facilities of international standard .

Olga emphasizes safety & environment protect management ,precise process control and quality supervision according to SHEQ standards  (ISO9001/ISO14001/OHSAS18001)

Olga also stick to sustainable development with social responsibilities so as to inprove the core competitiveness.

       Also, we have a trading company, Our sales team is consisted of up to 130 elites of high professionalism, providing our clients first-class service of high efficiency.

Main Products from the Company include adhesive, lubricating oil, tape, diluent, etc. Business model of the  

        Company is distributing various well-known Brands of Glues products, covering almost every kind Glue products and related production equiment that you can imagine.


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