Kanto Kasei FLOIL 946P Bearing lubricants

Kanto Kasei FLOIL 946P Bearing lubricants

Typical applications:
The suitable for powder metallurgy bearing iron-based, copper or aluminum bearing material.
The suitable for micro motor, flat motor and gyro motor.
Precision oil bearing.

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Product Description:
The product is made from fully synthetic base oil, which is prepared by adding high temperature anti oxygen, anti-wear, antirust, lubricating and other additives.
Performance characteristics:
1.The outstanding performance, high and low temperature oxidation resistance.
2.The low coefficient of friction, reduce friction and wear of parts, ensure the life of the unit.
3.The oil film thickness, good abrasion resistance, protect the metal bearing life.
4.The excellent sealing, prevent moisture and oxygen through the porous metal bearing corrosion.
5.The heat conduction performance is good, long-term effective life guarantee of lubricating oil.


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