Kanto Kasei FLOIL GM 930

Kanto Kasei FLOIL GM 930

FLOIL and HANARL are the generic term for a special synthetic lubricant and chemical manufactured by Kasei Kanto alone.
Products, such as TV, VCR, DVD, camera, computer, automobile and so on can be used, including the structure, contact, power, resistance
Force, immersion, heat and so on a variety of ways.

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Kanto Kasei FLOIL GM-930
FLOIL and HANAR all kinds of products are Kasei Kanto according to the requirements of the times, the first to develop the business
It is widely supported by the industry, and it is a product that can be trusted absolutely.
FLOIL electrical contacts and switch buttons and other operating systems are complex, and he needs to be in a static contact such as connectors for a long time;
Sometimes there is the power circuit ON/OFF as a arc occurred. Such contact material and gold plating conditions are varied, for this kind of oil / contact
This product is a new lubricant. With the development of technological innovation and high-tech development, plastic parts. This mechanism a thousand li a day with the tide.
Flow, how to solve the problem of static electricity and the semiconductor parts damaged and so on.

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