KONISHI FB500HB epoxy adhesive Elastic adhesive 333ml

KONISHI FB500HB epoxy adhesive Elastic adhesive 333ml

Product name :FB500HB
Origin: Japan
Specification: 333 ml
Component: single component
Characteristics: impact resistance, flame retardant type
Curing method: room temperature curing
Application: it is suitable for bonding and sealing of electronic and electrical parts.

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1. It can be used for bonding of various materials. Polycarbonate, ABS resin and other hard plastic materials bonding and metal materials bonding.

2. Bonding with initial bonding strength is required.

3. Bonding between hard materials with different thermal expansion coefficients.

4. Bonding of parts vulnerable to shock and vibration.


1. Flame retardant/high viscosity.

2. Liquid normal temperature hardening elastic adhesive.

3.RoHS Directive 6 substances (cadmium, lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium and its compounds PBB, PBDE).

4. Polysiloxane free: does not contain low molecular cyclic polysiloxane which can produce contact barrier.

5. Can also be used for filling bonding (internal curing takes time).

6. Because it is an elastic body, the deformation of the bonding parts is small, and the cold and heat shock resistance is strong.