LOCTITE 222 for the locking and sealing of threaded fasteners

LOCTITE 222 for the locking and sealing of threaded fasteners

For Assembly
1. For best results, clean all surfaces (external and internal)
with a LOCTITE®
cleaning solvent and allow to dry.
2. If the material is an inactive metal or the cure speed is too
slow, spray all threads with Activator SF 7471™ or SF
7649™ and allow to dry.
3. Shake the product thoroughly before use.
4. To prevent the product from clogging in the nozzle, do not
allow the tip to touch metal surfaces during application.
5. For Thru Holes, apply several drops of the product onto
the bolt at the nut engagement area.
6. For Blind Holes, apply several drops of the product down
the internal threads to the bottom of the hole.
7. Assemble and tighten as required.
8. For Sealing Applications, apply a 360° bead of product
to the leading threads of the male fitting, leaving the first
thread free. Force the material into the threads to
thoroughly fill the voids. For bigger threads and voids,
adjust product amount accordingly and apply a 360° bead
of product on the female threads also.

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Screw fixer – low strength. Easy to disassemble. Suitable for all metal thread assembly.

LOCTITE 222 is a low strength thread locking adhesive that allows screw adjustment. Suitable for low strength metals such as aluminium or brass. This product can be applied to all metals, including inert substrates such as stainless steel, aluminum or electroplated surfaces. The product has been proven to withstand minor contamination from industrial oils such as oil, creosote, cutting fluid, etc.

Product features

Suitable for low strength thread locking applications with adjustable screw

Avoid looseness of vibration assemblies, such as pumps, gearboxes or compressions

Suitable for small thread

Can be removed using hand tools

LOCTITE222 is suitable for locking and sealing applications of threaded fasteners that can be easily removed with standard hand tools. The product cures when isolated from air between two tightly fitted metal surfaces and prevents looseness and leakage due to shock and vibration. It is especially suitable for locating screws, small diameter bolts and bolts with long mating length that require easy removal. The thixotropic properties of LOCTITE222 reduce the fluidity of liquid products after sizing onto the substrate before curing